Sandwich panel SPA E LIFE Energy is available in thicknesses 150 – 230 mm.

It ensures excellent air-tightness and energy efficiency. The application of special solutions with structural details and assembly services provided by skilled and certified contractors enable to decrease energy costs of the building and its CO2 emissions up to 20%.

With its exceptionally high recycled content, this sustainable sandwich panel minimises the use of raw materials and energy as well as reduces the carbon emissions during the construction phase. Our life panel can be re-used and fully recycled. It is an ideal solution for facades with high requirements for sustainability.

Using Ruukki’s solutions you can receive more credits in LEED and BREEAM certification systems. This panel type is intruder resistant in accordance with SSF 1047, class 2 (see Certificates & approvals).

The filling consisting of non-combustible and environmentally friendly soft mineral wool with low thermal conductivity coefficient ensures very good thermal insulation of this panel. Properly milled core increases air-tightness and provides high sound insulation.